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Jan. 29th, 2006 @ 05:45 pm I havent updated in a while
My Feelers: amusedamused
What I'm Rockin' To: music makes me think of boobies
I have been DJ'ing for a while now. I thought it was going to be fun, but it kind of sucks. It is pretty boring really and kind of lonely even. Working the lights is fun though I cant complain too much I do get to sit on my ass and play music all night, the girls get mad at me sometimes because I wont let them dance to certain things like when they have been dancing to allot of Tool I have to cut them off unless there is some die hard fans in the club. I am not allowed to play one genre of music all night I am supposed to keep an eye on the crowd to see what kind of music I should play cause if it is a room full of thugs they aren’t likely to tip to Zombie or Pantera so whether or not the dancers like it I have to make them dance to rap and that is where things can get ugly, but like I was told during training if the girls don’t make money I don’t make money. The DJ gets tipped 10% of what each of the dancers make so my goal is to make them money which in turn makes me and the club money I don’t like all that responsibility, I was told "YOU ARE THE PARTY COORDINATOR" what kind of cheesy shit is that.
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